sabato, ottobre 11, 2008

nAppliance sponsor ufficiale di ISA Server Jumpstart 2008 - 29/30 Ott - Milano

E' con soddisfazione ed orgoglio che vi comunico la notizia che un nuovo sponsor si è affiancato a Microsoft Italia e GFI Software Ltd nel sostenere ISA Server Jumpstart 2008: nAppliance

nAppliance produce Appliance ISA Server 2006 (Standard/Enteprise) e IAG 2007, soluzioni hardware su cui è in esecuzione il firewall Microsoft con una versione hardened di Windows Server 2003.

nAppliance offers a broad range of ready-to-deploy security appliances for organizations to protect network users, devices, applications, and data. nAppliance solutions are scalable multifunction security platforms that provide layered defenses against threats to networks and Microsoft applications. Managed through a single appliance interface, nAppliances enhance security, simplify centralized operations, and lower TCO.
nAppliance is a fully-owned subsidiary of Iron Systems. Established in 1996, Iron Systems is an innovative, customer-focused provider of customized network infrastructure products such as network servers, storage and appliances. nAppliance is based in San Jose, California.

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